What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is synonymous with anti-aging, rejuvenative, alternative, integrative,functional and age management medicine. While each of these titles may have a slight different definition, they all embrace a common yet somewhat revolutionary approach to medicine.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is an essential component to this approach yet is still only part of a larger biochemically grounded therapeutic template.
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Unlike conventional medicine, which reacts to the presence of disease with aggressive and often toxic interventions, regenerative medicine attempts to avoid disease and its causality in the first place. It is proactive. It posits a different set of assumptions.It proposes that we are genetically programmed on a biochemical, endocrinological and physiological level to stay healthy and when sick to heal ourselves if given the right conditions and environment to do so. Obviously, hormone replacement therapyis essential but,as mentioned above, still only one component of this therapeutic matrix.

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If we get enough good sleep with deep rest, appropriate yet vigorous exercise, optimal macronutrition and essential micronutrition [hot link to Nutrition page], detoxification and hormone replacement therapy boosted to more youthful ranges, we tend not to age as fast, get sick as often and when we do get sick, we recover quicker. We have more energy, more strength and endurance, better libido and better cognitive function. These statements resonate as true in my experience with my patients.

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